10 Simple Chicken Dinners You’ll Keep Coming Back To

Simple Chicken Dinners

Discover a collection of 10 simple and delicious chicken dinner recipes that are sure to become staples in your kitchen. These easy-to-make dishes are perfect for busy weeknights, offering a variety of flavors and styles that will keep your family excited for dinner every time.

Simple Chicken Dinners

1. Instant Pot Keto Mediterranean Chicken

Get recipe: Instant Pot Keto Mediterranean Chicken

2. Chicken Adobo

Get recipe: Chicken Adobo

3. Coronation Chicken

Get recipe: Coronation Chicken

4. Oven Fried Chicken

Get recipe: Oven Fried Chicken

5. Chicken Katsu

Get recipe: Chicken Katsu

6. Lemon Chicken

Get recipe: Lemon Chicken

7. Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

Get recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

8. Instant Pot Lemon Frozen Chicken with Orzo

Get recipe: Instant Pot Lemon Frozen Chicken with Orzo


9. Chicken Florentine Style

Chicken Florentine Style

Get recipe: Chicken Florentine Style

10. Our Best Ideas for Easy Chicken Dinners

Get recipe: Easy Chicken Dinners

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