12 Freezable Lunchbox Fillers to Keep You Stocked All Week

12Freezable Lunchbox Fillers to Keep You Stocked All Week

Ensure your lunchbox is always packed with delicious options for the week ahead with these 12 freezable fillers. From savory bites to sweet treats, these recipes are perfect for meal prep, offering convenience and variety to keep you fueled throughout your busy week. Whether you’re craving hearty sandwiches, flavorful wraps, or nutritious snacks, these freezer-friendly options will keep you stocked and satisfied every day.

1. Bacon and egg quiche

Taste member ‘ALadyLike’ claims that this quiche is just as delicious whether you serve it hot straight from the oven or chilled from the fridge.

2. Salmon patties

With only two steps and six ingredients, these versatile salmon patties are perfect for a quick and easy dinner, a delightful lunch, or a flavorful savory snack. Enjoy them hot or cold, paired with your favorite salad or steamed veggies, or use them as a filling for sandwiches, burgers, pitas, or wraps. Finely chopped gherkins and thinly sliced green onions add a zesty kick, making these patties a hit with both kids and adults. This recipe is an excellent way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. If you don’t have any, simply make a fresh batch and let it cool before mixing it into the patties. We use one cup in this recipe, but you can serve any extra mash on the side. Additionally, you can substitute tinned tuna for salmon if needed. If you’re a salmon lover, try our air fryer salmon fish cakes, crispy Japanese sushi salmon patties, or explore other creative dinners using canned salmon to add variety to your meal planning. Additional recipe notes by Sonya Gellert, Recipes Editor and Food Writer.

3. Vegetable frittata

(including an additional 10 minutes for cooling after cooking)

4. Lamb kofta

Add a touch of exotic flavor to your springtime barbecue feast with this delicious starter, guaranteed to impress your guests.

5. Zucchini slice Lorraine

Australia’s favorite savory slice meets quiche Lorraine in this versatile recipe. Perfect for any meal, you can enjoy it with a salad for lunch or dinner, snack on it cold, or pack it into a lunch box. For entertaining, cut it into small pieces and serve warm as canapés, making it a delightful addition to any gathering.

6. Honey-soy chicken wings

Revitalize your midweek meal repertoire with this clever chicken wings recipe, using a few pantry staples and fresh seasonal produce. Easy to prepare and packed with flavor, it’s the perfect way to bring excitement to your dinner table.

7. Carrot, zucchini and ricotta muffins

These easy-to-make carrot, zucchini, and ricotta muffins aren’t just perfect for recess—they’re also a great choice for busting after-school hunger. Packed with nutritious ingredients, they’ll keep your kids satisfied and energized throughout the day.

8. Sweetcorn and zucchini fritters

Prepare a surplus of delicious sweetcorn and zucchini fritters for dinner, and conveniently pack the leftovers for a tasty lunch the next day. It’s a convenient and flavorful way to enjoy these versatile fritters at any mealtime.

9. Aussie meat pies

There’s perhaps no food more quintessentially Australian than a meat pie. While we love our Chiko Rolls and lamingtons, there’s a unique satisfaction in sinking your teeth into a piping hot meat pie that embodies the essence of Australian comfort food.

10. Spinach impossible pie

Indulge in this budget-friendly vegetarian spinach pie creation that promises richness, satisfaction, and a burst of flavor with every bite!

11. Gluten-free zucchini slice

Introducing our gluten-free twist on the classic zucchini slice—a perfect choice for a veg-packed breakfast or a light and satisfying lunch option.

12. Creamy chicken and leek pies

Discover the culinary versatility of leeks for your next cozy winter meal. With their mild, sweet, and tender flavor, leeks offer a delicious twist and serve as a versatile alternative to onions in a variety of dishes.


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